To the suprise of many, most conservation organizations, especially the large nationally known ones that have so-called "Wildlife Refuges" and "Sanctuaries" actually allow all types of wildlife killing to take place on their lands and "Refuges."

We see this as the height of hypocrisy and itís all about money. By law, six of the eleven members of the New Jersey State Fish & Wildlife Council must be nominated by the the NJ Federation of Hunting Clubs. This gives hunters full control of a State agency. This hunter controlled council and their related agencies are naturally opposed to givng money and land to groups that donít allow wildlife killing. In order to curry favor with these State Agencies, these big operators of so-called "Wildlife Refuges" and "Sanctuaries," allow wildlife killing to take place.

We restrict human activity to bird watching and hiking and forbid any type of wildlife killing. For this reason, we are often ineligible for State or Federal grants. Our lands are true wildlife refuges and we engage only in activities that protect wildlife and promote wildlife habitat. In spite of the lack of support from government agencies, we have managed to acquire over 100 acres of land through private and corporate donations. Donors of land can be assured that no wildlife killing will ever take place on the land that we acquire.

Consider a financial or land donation today to help us preserve nature. As a registered not-for-profit corporation, with an IRS charitable organization status of 501(c)(3), your donations are tax deductible.